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Our company provides true affordable health insurance for qualified individuals, families and employees of small businesses. Although the insurance industry is going through constant changes, our team stays up to date with what is available in your state and provides the best coverage at the best rates.

Individuals, Couples and Families:

If you have shopped for policies on the public health exchanges, you have seen that premiums are increasing 25% to 100% year after year; while deductibles continue to increase. This means you pay more for less benefits. The reason for this is because insurance companies on the public exchange are required to insure those regardless of health conditions. This causes premiums of healthy individuals to skyrocket. At Insurance Services 4 U, we underwrite all of our applicants for qualification. This means that only qualified individuals can access our plans, and therefore decreasing the overall premium for every covered person. Our plan premiums are 50% less than what is seen on the public exchanges because of this.

Worried about ACA Compliance? No problem. We have plans that are both ACA and non-ACA depending on what fits your budget best. For an additional fee, our insurance company will send you a 1095 form at the end of the year to prevent any possible tax.


Small Businesses / Groups:

The biggest reason why good employees leave is due to the lack of insurance benefits offered by the employer. Small businesses tend to think it would cost too much to offer these health insurance benefits. We solve this problem at Insurance Services 4 U. Our group rates are competitive and affordable to small business owners. You can choose to offer insurance to your employees and choose the amount you will charge on their payroll deduction for the coverage. Some employers offer 50% coverage and some charge 100% directly to their employees as a payroll deduction. Regardless of what you choose, the fact that your company will offer insurance to your employees will help retain good employees. If you would like a group proposal for your company, make sure you ask for the special discount if you enroll at least 8 employees (with an 80% participation).

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